Any Custom Wrapped Necklace

  • $30.00

Necklace comes with a black string tied to pendant that is adjustable. Pendant will have a custom design to it wrapped in authentic copper. No pendant will look the same. All sales are final.


CLEAR QUARTZ - Healing, channeling, programmability, activation of 7 chakras, amplifies energy

TIGER'S EYE - Mental clarity, discernment, courage, balance between extreme polarities and energies, strength, will power

CARNELIAN - Courage, strength, vitality, eliminator of procrastination, detoxifying from alcohol or drugs, heals the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.

ROSE QUARTZ - Heals the heart, assists in enhancing love, receiving love, giving love, realization of unconditional love, instills self-love and maintains a healthy relationship with oneself, assists in establishing emotional maturity and integrity.

BLACK TOURMALINE - Assists in spiritual and physical protection from excessive negative thoughts and actions by oneself and other people. Very effective for warding off psychic attacks and protection from unwanted energies. Nice stone to have for grounding.

GREEN AVENTURINE - Lovely stone for healing the heart chakra and healing the heart of issues related to money. Great stone to have for prosperity, wealth, good luck, and attraction of money.

ORANGE CALCITE - One of the best stones to have for eliminating writers' block, enhancing creativity, confidence, innovation, and healing the inner child if there are any issues related to childhood trauma or childhood sexual trauma.

BLOODSTONE - Assist in increasing our worldy influence and prestige, protection from loss of life-energy, healing wounds and stopping blood loss, aids in helping one with blood disorders, aids one in recognizing their higher states of consciousness, determination, vitality, and provides motivation.

LAPIZ LAZULI - Healthy communication, healthy manifestation through the power of the healed throat chakra (speaking things into existence, innervisions, clarity of the mind, honesty and truth, balance and provides justice, deep insight, memory recollection, subconscious memory recollection, discernment, strengthens the intuition.

SELENITE - Heals, cleans, and activates all 7 chakras, assists one in cleaning their money and the imbalanced negativity attached to money, activates higher chakras 8-14, deeper states of consciousness and meditation, great stone for protection, great stone for travel, never needs cleansing, and balances positive and negative energy.

SERPENTINE - Aids one in maturity to take responsibility for one's life, eliminates limitations, energetic detoxification, protection from psychic attacks and excessive negative thoughts, great tool for deeper states of meditation, aids one in cleaning the chakras.

MOONSTONE - Holds the power of mystery. Ability to uncover our own hidden truths, a stone with the ability to allow one to dive deep within themselves to uncover what has been neglected or forgotten about, protection for travelers, tool lovers for romance and spark, prophecy, activating wisdom, and assisting one in recognizing and utilizing the Divine connection between oneself and the Moon.